More and more of you may be starting to think that the American Dream is dead on arrival. But it might surprise you to find out who actually thinks that way.

According to a new poll from YouGov, it’s Democrats. The poll shows 53 percent of Democrats think the American Dream is no longer possible. Brandon Rottinghaus at the University of Houston explains why.

“Democrats tend to be more strongly affected by the negative economy. People who are younger, in organized labor women, Latinos and African Americans,” Rottinghaus told KTRH.

Lone Star College economics professor Hank Lewis told KTRH many of his students are struggling.

“Some students who have chosen certain majors have found the demand for people with their skills isn’t as high as it used to be. They are facing a tough time. This breeds cynicism,” Lewis said.

Lewis does think some young people believe things should be handed to them.

“Some of them do. But some of them work very hard and are not finding inroads into certain places,” Lewis explained.

And Rottinghaus explained why these Democrats have turned on the man they voted into the White House.

“The President made grand promises on housing, taxes, minimum wage and health care costs. These are all being addressed, but not quickly enough to satisfy people,” Rottinghaus told KTRH.

Republicans tend to be more optimistic about the American Dream. Only 27% told the YouGov poll that the dream was dead.