If a new poll is right, the dead red state of Texas might wind up going blue in 2016.

For the right Presidential candidate, that is.

That candidate is none other than Hillary Clinton, who beats Texas Governor Rick Perry in a head to head race according to a recent poll. Democratic strategist Matt Angle isn't surprised one bit.

“Rick Perry carries a very high negative in Texas. He’s seen as selfishly partisan. Hillary Clinton is seen as being above that,” Angle told KTRH.

Brandon Rottinghaus of the University of Houston says Perry’s national track record may be working against him in this case.

“The people have seen Perry in action at the national level and didn’t think he was quite ready,” Rottinghaus said.

While Hillary doesn't beat Senator Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush, she is within five points of both. Rottinghaus tells KTRH independents love her.

“Hillary Clinton has a rallying effect amongst independents and she polls well, even in Conservative states,” Rottinghaus explained.

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Angle says Clinton has learned how to play politics.

“She’s done a good job throughout her career of seizing the middle ground, of being a reasonable, fair-minded person,” Angle stated.

Ironically, it's a Republican that's seen as moderate that beats Hillary easily. The poll shows New Jersey's Chris Christie leading Clinton by almost ten points.