You see it all the time. Maybe you’re even doing it. You’re posting on Twitter and Facebook constantly. Maybe you’re posting more about your personal life than your friends are comfortable with.

So why do we post the way we do? Houston social media analyst Crystal Washington says it's our need for attention.

“Reality TV has seeped into our personal lives. Everyone wants to be the star of their own show. And that show is their social media profile,” Washington told KTRH. “The immediate sense of community isn’t there the way it used to be. People are seeking out community and are trying to find ways to connect with people.”

Washington says there are times when she thinks people need a ‘how to’ course when it comes to using social media.

“It’s important we provide them with some guidance because social media is a great tool,” Washington stated.

And Washington says our own 'reality show' can also take a toll on our mental health.

“When people find their value from their social media and build up these facades what can happen is when they see other people having more fun they become jealous,” Washington explained.

A couple of studies have come out recently indicating the more time we spend on social media, the more depressed we can get.