We are still waiting to hear what Governor Rick Perry will do with his political future. Will he run for another term as the Governor of Texas? Or will he make a second run for the White House?

Insiders believe he is better off running for the same job he already has.

A new poll from the University of Texas and Texas Tribune shows that nationally, Perry faces long odds against a fellow Texan.

“We put Governor Perry in a primary matchup that includes Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, and he finished behind both of them,” said Jim Henson, who directs the Texas Politics Project at the University of Texas.

Rice University’s Mark Jones told KTRH the message for the Perry camp is clear.

“If he wants to run for re-election, odds are he would win. At the Presidential level I think it’s a very difficult road for him,” Jones said.

And if Perry decides to run for Governor again, could State Senator Wendy Davis be his opponent? Jones says it's possible but not her best play.

“Senator Davis has a promising future in the party, but in a supporting role for Julian Castro, perhaps as his Lt. Governor candidate, in 2018,” Jones explained.

Henson also told KTRH that he doesn’t think Davis could win the race for Perry’s current job if she decides to run next year.

“The Republicans still dominate in the state. And some of the bloom will be off the rose next year,” Henson said.

Davis has not indicated what her future plans are. But there have been reports she is looking into a run for Governor. There is also the chance she could run for re-election as State Senator.