Recent polling suggests the legalization of Marijuana in Texas isn’t as far-fetched as you might think.

Texas is supposed to be ultra-conservative, yet a second straight poll shows surprising acceptance of making marijuana legal.  Only 23 percent think pot should be illegal in all cases.  That result may be giving us a look at the future.  Nathan Jones is a Fellow on Drug Policy at Rice University's Baker Institute.

“Within the next decade, it's almost inevitable,” Jones says, “and here's why:  there are going to be major pushes for it in the legislative session in 2015.  Even if those fail, they will prime the pump for subsequent attempts.”

Jones says Texans have a strong Libertarian streak and those polls may actually understate the level of acceptance.

And, he points out that Houston is a world-famous medical center where one of the treatments offered for cancer isn’t available.

“They're talking about marijuana refugees now,” he points out, “where families who have children with these afflictions, move to states where it is legal, so they can get their children the treatment that they need.”