A new ad for Samsung suggests it may not be a man's world after all. The ad is for Samsung's Smart TV's, and it makes guys look like, for lack of a better term, cavemen. Gender expert Royalyn Reid tells KTRH Samsung's target audience here probably isn't us guys.

“You wonder if they really are targeting women. Because that’s what women see. We have these high powered men that are changing the world, and then when they come home they sit and they are in their kingdom,” Reid said.

Reid says these kind of ads are just a cyclical thing.

“A few years ago it was all the dumb blonde jokes. We don’t see that as much anymore,” Reid stated.

For guys that are offended by this. Bob Thompson of Syracuse University says just get over it.

Thompson says it's all about getting the message out quickly.

“A commercial has to get its message across really quickly. You’ve got usually thirty seconds to get it out there,” Thompson explained.

“If you’re going to try and be funny about something you have to make fun of something. This is one of the ways you make fun of guys,” Thompson said.

We've got the ad for you right here: