House Speaker John Boehner says Republicans are close to working out a plan for immigration reform. And some analysts fear the GOP could wind up caving on the issue.

That’s because of comments made by Congressman including Idaho Republican Raul Labrador.

“I think most Republicans agree that the 3- and 10-year bars have to go away because right now the people that are here illegally, they have to go home to become legal, but then they have to remain home for ten years,” the Idaho Republican said. “We remove those bars from them, you could fix the status of about 25 percent of the people that are here illegally right now if they return to their home country and then they come back legally,” Labrador said late last week.

Boehner was in San Antonio on Monday and says only Congress can be trusted to do what President Obama won’t.

“We’re at a point where my colleagues don’t trust that the president will implement the law the way we would see it passed,” Boehner said. “So I’ve put the ball back in the President’s court. He’s going to have to do something to demonstrate some level of trustworthiness.”

Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies says it's all about what Republicans would concede to the Democrats for easing the three year/ten year bar.

“They are saying they will loosen rules on illegal immigration in exchange for increasing legal immigration, which is something almost no one is in favor of,” Krikorian told KTRH.

Some say a deal needs to be done quickly, but Krikorian disagrees.

“The fact is Obama has already acted illegally. I don’t see him doing anything before the election,” Krikorian stated.

So what happens if Republicans give in too much on this issue? Will it hurt them in November?

“It depends what happens. Just talking about this kind of tradeoff, if it doesn’t happen, won’t have any effect,” Krikorian said.

But if something does happen, the GOP could see their base stay home in big numbers on Election Day.