It’s been all over the news this week. It’s been all over the web, too.

Facebook has turned ten. Maybe you’ve logged on and checked out the ‘Look Back’ video the website did for all of its users.

Facebook has become a giant in the last ten years. How big? Well, according to recent numbers Facebook has 143 million people checking it out daily. Forty million people read the bible every day. But Syracuse University's Bob Thompson says the comparison is a difficult one to make.

“To compare Facebook and the Bible is to compare completely different things. The bible is a book that people read. Facebook is a way to communicate,” Thompson told KTRH.

But that doesn't mean religious groups haven't noticed Houston Lutheran Bishop Mike Rinehart told KTRH he's using Facebook to his advantage.


“It’s a phenomenal way to connect people. The church is all about relationships. It’s tremendous for connecting people over a wide geography,” Rinehart e explained.


Beaumont’s ‘Pistol Packing Pastor,” James McAbee has used social media to his advantage, too.


“I posted something about some difficulties I was going through and a lot of people responded. They told me I helped them with the bible verse I posted,” McAbee stated.


Another study said that Facebook could lead to marriage problems, including affairs. But McAbee isn't putting the blame on a website.


“Don’t blame the tool. Blame the fool,” McAbee said. “We have free choice. They shouldn’t have been foolish enough to rekindle those flames,” McAbee explained.