For many of you Thanksgiving isn’t only about family, food and football. It’s also about shopping.

Many retailers are going to open on Thanksgiving Night. It’s a trend that has been growing for years. Amy Davis of our TV partner Local 2 says Black Friday could be very well be dead.

“It seems like it is. Black Friday is now Thursday. Cyber Monday is now Saturday. I think a lot of shoppers are confused,” Davis told KTRH. “And the Thursday deals are the same kind of deals that were offered on Black Friday in previous years.”

Davis says many Black Friday offers might actually be gone because of the Thursday sales.

“If you’re not willing to go out early on Thanksgiving, you’re going to miss out on a lot of deals. Come Friday morning, the door busters might already be over,” Davis explained.

So Davis thinks you won’t take a chance and wait for the Friday deals.

“I think a lot of people will hit the stores after family time on Thursday,” Davis stated.

Do You Really Have To Shop Thanksgiving Night?

While some of you will head out to check the deals that are available on Thursday night, there’s a good chance that some of you won’t. And Davis thinks you might even get a better deal by staying at home.

“Stores like Walmart have started making a lot of the Black Friday Deals available online now. You can go online now and find some of those same deals,” Davis explained. “You never have to leave your house unless you just love the tradition of standing in line.”

Don’t Go Shopping Unprepared

While you make your list and hunt for the best deals, the experts say you shouldn’t go to the mall without being prepared. And you don’t necessarily have to do the legwork yourself. Blogger Jodi Furman says there are others looking out for you.

“Know your prices. Do the research. Or better yet, find a blog that does the research for you,” Furman told KTRH.

While some shoppers prefer to wait and see if prices will drop before Christmas, Furman says there are things you should jump on when you can.

“If you can find a PS4 or an XBOX One, grab it even if it’s not on sale. You’re not going to find it later,” Furman said.

One Last Big Deal

While some believe Black Friday is either dead or dying, there are deals to be had that would make you think it is still worth it. And they are right here in Houston.

Sterling McCall Toyota's 'Slicer Sale' is Friday morning, and you can get some cars for just one dollar.

Not a bad deal at all.

But there might be one Black Friday deal still worth waiting for. Sterling McCall Toyota's 'Slicer Sale' is Friday morning, and you can get some cars - some - for just one dollar