As Major League Baseball prepares to ban a number of players for using performance enhancing drugs a controversial former pitcher says baseball was better when the players were 'all 'roided up.'

John Rocker is notorious for racially charged statements he made as an Atlanta Brave, but he thinks many fans agree with him on steroids.

"Honestly and this may go against what some people think from an ethical standpoint I think it was the better game."

Rocker says fans wanna see players throw 105-miles-per-hour and hit the ball 500 feet. He says nothing was more exciting than the McGwire-Sosa race to 61 home runs in 1998.

Sportstalk 790's Charlie Pallilo agrees some fans may prefer the steroids era.

"It's John Rocker. He shouldn't be a go to source on anything; but it doesn't necessarily mean he's off his on the subject. Chicks dug the long ball and there were campaigns built around basically watching circus freaks hit the ball as far as they could."