A new poll asked you if you thought America was fair. The answers were not what many were hoping for.

The Rasmussen poll said that 32% of you believe the United States is unfair and discriminatory. That 32% is the biggest number we've seen in six year. But Apostle Claver Kamau-Imani of Raging Elephants told KTRH we are concentrating on the wrong number.

“Sixty-eight percent think that we have gone a long way to make sure America remains the fairest and most just country on the planet,” he said. “The way for folks to prosper in the United States is the same for all. You work hard and you receive compensation for your labor.”

Rice's Mark Jones says he thinks a lot of the unhappiness has more to do with the slow economic recovery than anything else.

“We’ve seen many people, particularly the wealthy, benefit from the recovery, but we have large portions of the population that have not benefited and are not doing well,” Jones explained.

Jones says Washington should be paying attention to this.

“It is somewhat alarming when almost one-third of the population as that viewpoint,” Jones said.