Obamacare might very well be harmful to your marriage. That’s what one couple has figured out, and experts are wondering if more couples will come to the same conclusion.

If you're married and looking for a new health care plan, you might have a tough time finding something affordable. Nora Willis-Aronowitz found that out the hard way. She and her husband are not eligible for subsidies. So she's decided to get a divorce.

“In our case it would be worth it,” Willis Aronowitz told a New York TV station. We realized we would save several thousand dollars if we got divorced.”

Divorce lawyer Melody Eitzen is surprised at this couple’s answer to the Obamacare problem.

“The government wants people to be married. We get tax breaks if we’re married. This situation is surprising. They might be incentivizing people to be single. It’s not the intent, but an unintended consequence of the law,” Eitzen told KTRH.

Yevgeniy Feyman at the Manhattan Institute tells KTRH don't be surprised to see more couples split up because of this.

“People will try to game the system and say divorce is cheaper than Obamacare,” Feyman explained. “What this will do is encourage changes in tax filing behavior.”

Feyman says people will try to find different loopholes too in order to get out of paying high premiums.