It was a short post, but Twitter's announcement about going public has made a big splash on Wall Street.

What started as a side project 7 years ago, Twitter has since generated $100 million during the 4th quarter last year and seen its users climb toward 300 million.

The only real hurdle is avoiding Facebook's IPO mistake.

“I will be you Twitter will go public on the New York Stock Exchange instead of the Nasdaq where Facebook went,” says Texas financial strategist Clark Hodges.

“The underwriters at Goldman Sachs have probably studied the Facebook thing very deeply, understand the mistakes that were made and will probably do the opposite,” he tells KTRH News.

Hodges says investors are excited about Twitter for good reason.

“It now has over 200 million users, and its kind of a way of life all of sudden,” he says.  “You really see it when you talk about live events or breaking news, its place to go for that.”

“In the long run this is a company which has changed an aspect of our country, and usually when you find those kinds of companies, they usually are a good investment,” says Hodges.

Right now, it appears investors are willing to spend about $20-30 per share for Twitter.  Hodges expects Twitter shares will start trading in about 60 days.