President Obama’s plan to stop the N-S-A from collecting your phone data has some fine print that doesn’t really give you more privacy.  Basically in the president’s plan, instead of the government collecting your cell phone data, the phone companies will now be required to keep that data for longer periods of time.  Then under the proposal, the NSA would have to get approval from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to examine phone data for information about calls made to or from a U.S. number.

Cyber security expert Chris Bronk with Rice University says “privacy as we might have known it at one time is largely gone.”  He also explains that phone companies are not high on the idea of holding on to all of our records.  Because of a lot of unlimited calling plans now  most companies are not set up to either keep track of every number you call, or able to keep your information for long periods of time. 

The White house has admitted there are details to iron out with this plan.  The administration has said they will be working with congress and the phone carriers to determine how to best implement the storage of the data.