If you remember when CDs were high tech -- you're getting old. Even DVDs are becoming outmoded as we download more and more music and high def Blu-Ray is the new video format.

A new list of tech things **not to buy** in 2014 includes land line phones, DVD players and laptops. None of this surprises High Tech Texan Michael Garfield, who says the only constant in recent decades is change.

"Back in the day -- and I say back in the day because when I grew up in the 1970s 8-track tapes were just dying and then came the cassette tapes and then came the CDs. But now there's not even CDs because we download music."

But Garfield says there may be a silver lining if you own a lot of old technology. Nostalgia buffs may be willing to pay a lot for your old turntable or even something as boring as a toaster or alarm clock -- on e-Bay.