If you drive around the Houston area, one thing you are likely to see is a lot of construction. You’re also likely to see a lot of landscaping work being done.

As the numbers have showed, a lot of these workers are not in the country legally. Some call it the ‘Dirty Little Secret’ of immigration. Jim Harrington of the Texas Civil Rights Project says it's simply hypocrisy.

“While we take advantage of them we don’t want to accord them accord them any way to help them stay here legally,” Harrington said.

Some people we talked to feel illegals are taking jobs away from you.

“There are probably people out there not getting jobs that are labor intensive because there are illegal immigrants out there that will work for less,” one resident told KTRH, asking his name be kept private.

One homeowner told KTRH News it's a way to save some money; even if they want don't want illegals here.


“It tends to become more expensive to hire legally for repairs on your home and things like that,” the homeowner said.

So did he know who was working on his landscaping every week?

“The guy that we use is a high school friend of my in-laws. But, the people he hires I can’t say for certain are legal,” he admitted.

Harrington says without then doing the jobs we won't do, the economy would be in trouble.

“Just look around. The people who do the hard work, the dirty work to fill in the gaps, are folks that if we kept them out of the country, the economy would come to a standstill,” Harrington explained.

Harrington also explained that by hiring an illegal immigrant, you could be fined, technically. But he also says government rarely does that.