The stories about the immigration overflow into Texas keep on coming. As we approach the midterm elections, the experts say the talk about our borders isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

A new Texas Tribune poll shows the majority of Texas Republicans say their biggest concern is immigration and border security. So expect to hear about the issue right up until Election Day. SMU political scientist Cal Jillson says Republicans will certainly use it to their advantage.

“When they want to juice up the base they will talk, like Senator Dan Patrick does, about the ‘invasion’ out of Mexico,” Jillson told KTRH News. It’s been a top Republican issue for the past decade and more. For a good part of that time the flow across the border was very substantial.”

But will the immigration issue be what drives you to vote? Republican strategist Bill Miller isn't so sure.

“Economics are always top of mind. It’s a sense of the way we live and the way we feel about ourselves. Those things are all day, every day, 24/7 and 365 days a year,” Miller explained.

But the two issues could collide and affect you, especially if you lose your job to outsourcing. One&nbspreport recently said some IT workers not only lost their jobs but had to train their replacements and protested by putting American flags in their cubicles.