Experts say that because of all of the problems with Obamacare, you haven’t heard a lot about the immigration issue lately. However, those who are against the ‘Gang of Eight’ and the Senate bill that passed earlier this year are very concerned.

That's because House Speaker John Boehner has hired Senator John McCain's former chief immigration advisor, Rebecca Tallent. Janice Kephart, formerly with the Center for Immigration Studies and counsel for the 9/11 Commission told KTRH that sends a very bad signal.

“The people closest to it, that I know, are very concerned because they feel the House may buckle again,” Kephart told KTRH.

Kephart says you might not realize it but staffers for Congressmen influence bills more than you realize.

“Staff can end up running a bill if you don’t have strong leadership. The concern is that Tallent has been put in place to make sure the Senate bill gets considered,” Kephart explained.

Robert Gonzalez of the Clear Lake Tea Party told KTRH he and other groups are keeping a close eye on what happens.

“At the end of the day some of these Republicans are Republicans in name only. We have to do something about that. This issue is not dead. I can promise you that,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez says these Republicans are not doing what they promised to do.

“We have establishment Republicans trying to pass a bill that stinks to high heaven. It’s amnesty more than anything else,” Gonzalez stated.

While the budget deal that was struck in Washington on Tuesday kicks the can down the road on the bill, we could see this issue pop up again early next year.