If you thought the immigration bill put together by the so-called ‘Gang of Eight’ might be the one bill that was free of the pork we see so often in Washington, you thought wrong.

The 'Gang of Eight' took care of their own in the 844 page bill. Florida's Marco Rubio wants help for Florida's cruise industry. New York's Chuck Schumer pushed for special treatment for Irish workers. Brad Bailey of the Texas Immigration solution says he's not surprised.

“It’s typical. Washington, D.C. is broke,” Bailey said.

Steve Pringle of the Texas Farmer's Bureau tells KTRH we shouldn't get worked up about this.

“This process is just beginning right now. In all practicality the bill hasn’t even been introduced,” Pringle explained/

Pringle says that he agrees with South Carolina's Lindsey Graham, who is looking for more visas for the meat industry.

“We need meat cutters in agriculture. We would look a little different at that kind of provision,” Pringle explained.

The Farmer's Bureau says they are fine with the bill.

“We feel like we’ve reached a compromise with the farm workers and feel we can move forward,” Pringle said.

However, Bailey says some Texans will be hurt by it.

“The people in the middle, unskilled labor, are not addressed,” Bailey said.

One thing both Bailey and Pringle agree on is that there will be changes made to the bill before it becomes law.