The Senate continues to debate the immigration reform bill put forth by the so-called ‘Gang of Eight.’ Some analysts are worried that recent posturing by Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn may lead to nothing getting done.

John Cornyn told his fellow Senators that he plans on introducing the RESULTS Amendment because the proposed bill just isn’t strong enough.

“It requires the Department of Homeland Security get full operational control of the Southwest border,” Cornyn said.

However, Houston immigration lawyer Gordon Quan says that's already been addressed by the Gang of Eight.

“The bill allocates $5 billion for border security on the Southwest border and authorizes 3,500 more officers,” Quan told KTRH.

Cornyn thinks his proposal will do the job the Gang of Eight won’t be able to.

“The biggest difference between my Amendment and the underlying bill is that my Amendment guarantees results while the Gang of Eight proposal merely promises results,” Cornyn explained.

So will we get reform when it's all said and done?

“I am extremely concerned we won’t I was optimistic a couple of weeks ago. Now it seems like the theatre has started,” Quan said. The question is whether or not Washington really wants to do something. It seems like some people are more concerned about their next election rather than helping the country.”

Quan says Cornyn is simply grandstanding.

“It’s posturing. He’s up for re-election in two years and so he wants to go on record and show how tough he has been,” Quan stated.