We warned you a couple of weeks ago that the overflow of illegal immigrant children into Texas could wind up having an impact on your health. It now looks like some of those fears are turning into reality.

A pair of children were diagnosed with swine flu last week, and FOX's Todd Starnes says the flu isn't the only thing officials are worried about.

“My sources tell me there are three confirmed cases of tuberculosis at a center in the Austin area,” Starnes said.

And the problem may be worse in San Antonio’s Lackland Air Force Base.

“There are at least four cases there and that number may be growing,” Starnes stated.

KTRH medical expert Dr. Joe Galati says officials may not be able to contain the problem.

“They can spread quite rapidly through these centers and it could get into the general population,” Galati said. “People who have a weakened immune system are even at greater risk. This is a public health problem, and we’re not even following the normal rules of containment on this.”

And the border patrol union claims that's happening; that kids are coming in with other diseases like scabies and that one of their agents has already been diagnosed with the disease.