There is a new concept sweeping the country that satisfies a pent up need – someone to do odd-jobs.  “Rent a Spouse” companies are popping up in major metropolitan areas under names like “The Occasional Wife”.  Founder Kay Morrison is in New Orleans and seven years ago realized there are so many people with too little time to manage too many aspects of their hectic lives, just like she did.  So she quit her job and created The Occasional Wife, now in four cities.

Jennifer Roach, a native Houstonian, owns the Occasional Wife in Los Angeles.  “We call ourselves the ‘anything you don’t have time for’ company.  I like to say ‘if you need a life get a wife’, and what I mean by that is that we really want to help people that just don’t have time to get done all the projects they have to do,” Jennifer tells KTRH news.

Talk to “Rent a Spouse” proprietors like Blanca Arlett in the San Francisco area and the one thing that raises their hackles is when someone jokes or – heaven forbid – asks about sexual innuendo.  They don’t do that.  Blanca, who takes pride in her handiness with a hammer, began her business in 1999 and has built it up to 20 employees.

 “I do anything from home organization, office organization, I do packing and moving, we will come in and throw an event, a wedding a party, if you need someone to go stand in line at a club for a bachelorette party, have us decorate the table and come back and clean it up, have someone go pick up your friends at the airport, if your dog it lost – we will try to project manage just about anything you need within reason,” says Jennifer Roach.

The concept is open for entrepreneurs Houston.  Jennifer says she’d come back to her hometown if someone had enough projects to make it worth her while.