Significantly less ominous than the NSA, without going to the individual level, Hyundai is collecting data on how its owners use the new BlueLink system in more than half of its cars.

Roadside assistance is one of the benefits.

The manager of product public relations for Hyundai-America says the data draws a picture.  For instance, Texans are picky about where they eat.  They also want to know about the weather and gas prices.

Rob Lescailles says, “Texans are the 5th most out of all 50 states to check the weather, third most to check gas prices and, interestingly, they were number one to check restaurant ratings.”

The BlueLink service has been offered for about two years.

“Right now, we’ve got about 400 thousand customer enrolled in our system,” Lescailles says. “We've got a lot of interesting data in there about how people use the system.”

Fifty to 60 percent of new Hyundai cars come with the BlueLink system.