The state of Arizona has offered thousands of mattresses and other supplies for the scores of immigrant children being dumped off there – this while hundreds more await transport out of Lackland Air Force Base.

Many are unaccompanied minors, including girls under the age of 12, traveling from as far away as Central America to the Rio Grande Valley.  

Susan Kibbe at the South Texans' Property Rights Association believes what's driving the influx is part cartel violence – part White House policy.

“Just shut off the use of the word amnesty I think would go a long way toward helping,” Kibbe tells KTRH News.  “And then creating some sort of PR agreement with all of these other countries.”

“It's just not right to allow for the most part, innocent people having to run the gauntlet to get to a country that respects freedom, and to a certain degree rule of law, though right now it doesn't seem like it,” she says.

Because consulates are few and far between in south Texas, you can't simply deport them.

“If they are not able to find family members within the country that can take them or sponsor them, they're being held until officials can come up with a better solution,” says Kibbe.

Because of the red tape and drain on government resources, Homeland Security says the program will continue for the foreseeable future.