Gun rights groups are rallying at the Alamo Saturday in response to what some call "harassment" by San Antonio police.

Back in August, police cited three men with disorderly conduct.  Several people had complained the trio was dressed in camouflage carrying semi-automatic rifles into a local Starbucks. 

State land commissioner and gun-toting candidate for Lt. Governor Jerry Patterson is scheduled to speak at this weekend's rally. 

He insists these men did not violate Texas law.  And its time gun owners remind police they have a right to carry long guns, even if some coffee drinkers get spooked by it.

“If you don't exercise rights and it becomes the norm for folks never to be seen using those rights, then we'll lose those rights, however out-of-character they may seem to some,” Patterson tells KTRH News.  “

Police deny the harassment claims and insist officers acted within the law.

“If you're walking around with a rifle, whether its a 30-30 deer rifle, whether its an AR-15, its on a sling and over your shoulder, you're not alarming anybody,” says Patterson.  “Until you do something that is truly alarming, you have not broken any law.”