It's moving day at Space Center Houston as the replica Space Shuttle Independence is lifted onto the top of the shuttle carrier 747.  That will happen Monday at 7:30 a.m.

When the program ended, the four shuttles found homes elsewhere.  Space Center spokesman Jim Moore says when it is permanently installed, the six-story tall exhibit will be visible to people from miles away.

“We don't have the genuine article to tell the story, so we're going to do the next biggest, baddest thing,” Moore says.  “That happens to be the largest artifact of the shuttle program, and that's the 747.”

The attraction should be open to the public in late summer or early fall next year.  To stay on schedule, another two million dollars needs to be raised.

The exhibit will open a window on space history.

“You can see how the astronauts lived in space,” he says.  “You can go into the cargo bay, something you weren't able to do before.  Plus we're going to have a pretty extensive display within the 747 itself.”

The lifting of the replica shuttle to the top of the 747 will be streamed live.