Emergency responders along the Texas Gulf Coast have spent the last four days drilling.  They are working on the response should a Category-5 hurricane hit.  Memorial-Hermann emergency manager Robin Davis says logistics will be a challenge when a disaster strikes.

“How do we effectively, efficiently and safely move these patients out of harm's way, track them to where they're going, and then bring them back,” Davis says, “while maintaining the best patient care as possible.”

Thousands of emergency responders started drilling Monday.  The exercises have been conducted from Matagorda Island to the Louisiana border.

Davis says there are a lot of questions which the various drills attempt to answer.

“What does it take to get your hospital back on line?” he says.  “What are we looking at for damage?  How are we going to repatriate patients and communicate that information to their families?  What kind of resources do we need?”

They have learned from the past.

“We take a lot of lessons from Ike, Katrina, Rita, even ones which didn't impact us, like Sandy,” he says, “then identify how do we get better at preparing our region.”