New York City Police are investigating a transit officer accused of assaulting a man who was videotaping while cops served a warrant on another person. 

The accuser later posted video of the confrontation online.

So what's the procedure here in Houston?

Police Chief Charles McClelland says as long as you don't interfere with an officer, go ahead and videotape all you want.

"It's the public's right," he says.  "And no, we're not going to go over and take someone's camera or their cell phone because they're videotaping our actions."

In fact, McClelland welcomes the use of cameras as a way to keep both sides honest.

"They're useful for adjusting attitudes and behaviors on both sides of the camera," he tells KTRH News.  "Our officers are trained, and we have no fear of someone videotaping us."

The chief says that's why HPD officers soon will wear body cameras to record their arrests.

"One of the reasons why we want to have our own tape and we're experimenting with body cams is some of the tapes you see on YouTube and other media forms has been chopped up, and we want the complete video," he says.