Schools are out which means parents all over Texas are now fighting to keep their kids interested for the next three months.

What parent hasn't heard this, "but I'm bored."  To many parents those three words are like kryptonite.  But, there are plenty of things you can do to minimize your strife this summer and keep your kids learning and having fun.

Sarah Gish is the author of "The Summer Book: A Guide to Houston Day Camps and Classes for Kids and Teens" and says the area offers plenty of options, "In my database alone there are over 200 camps in there for all different kinds of interests.  So you can definitely keep kids in camps all summer long."

Gish says while kids do need the time to wind down from the long school year, she warns that kids, like adults, can over do it, "So it's really a time for them to chill out.  But, the problem that happens is that kids want to chill out a little bit too much."

Gish recommends keeping some of the regiment of school over the summer to keeps their brains active and learning.  She recommends reading time each day as well and structured exercise.

For a list of day camps and classes click here!