While the world continues to react to the barbaric killing of American journalist James Foley by the hands of ISIS, there are many who wonder how the United States can possibly defeat an enemy that has plenty of money at their disposal and has shown time and time again they will not follow the conventional rules of war.

Humble Congressman Ted Poe told Matt Patrick on KPRC AM 950 that ISIS should be treated the same way they treat their victims.

“They are criminals. They are terrorists. They are a band of barbarians,” Poe stated. “You can’t negotiate with these people. They need to be defeated.”

Terror expert Kevin Mellott of ERASE Enterprises told KTR News we have take the rulebook and throw it out the window.

“I don’t think we’ll win if we follow conventional rules. However, we can make them go elsewhere,” Mellott explained. “A lot of people think we should use standard rules of engagement. You can’t do that. When you deal with terrorists you have to kill them as fast as you can.”

Unlike many who were shocked at the way Foley was killed, Mellott wasn't.

“The whole scenario is not unexpected. I hate to say it. I hate to be pragmatic about it, but it’s not exactly disturbing to me because we are dealing with terrorists,” Mellott said.

But he understands why people who don’t work in the intelligence and terrorism field are stunned at the way Foley was killed. And he says it is a reality check.

“The public has gotten soft about understanding the kind of evil that is in the world. This brings it home for them,” Mellott stated.