Real or fake, Texans are taking their time looking at what one man says it Big Foot.  It was a thin crowd on a Katy parking lot yesterday afternoon, but Big Foot Tracker Rick Dyer maintains all shows are sold out.  So ... they pay their money and they take their look.  is it real?

“I have not come to a conclusion,” says one woman after taking a look. 


“However, I definitely thought it was really cool,” says another.


One woman was pragmatic. 

“It's something you want to see,” she says.  “How many people can say they saw Big Foot?  If it is real, it is real.  If not...”

Where to see Bigfoot in Houston today!

None of the people we talked to said they felt ripped off.  Dyer says nobody has asked for a refund.


One fellow, who apparently believed Big Foot was real, had an objection.


“I don't think they should kill all of them.  I think that's really inhumane,” he says.  “I think that says a lot about our species."