You are doing more to take your privacy into your own hands ever since news of the data mining scandal became public. Many people are going to spy stores for counter surveillance equipment. Some are downloading apps that claim to be immune from wiretapping. Houston Private Investigator Kathy Griffin isn't so sure these apps work.

“There are more than don’t work than do. Be cautious if you are going to spend money on these apps,” Griffin told KTRH.

Griffin told KTRH she gets a lot of calls about these apps. In fact, she gets as many calls about them as she does about people wanting to track cheating husbands.

“We are getting a lot more inquiries these days about how to keep things private,” Griffin stated.

Private investigators aren’t the only ones dealing with people looking to protect themselves. Stores like The Spy Emporium in Houston are seeing more of you, too.

“We’re getting more calls now because of the scandal and because technology has advanced over the last five years,” manager Sidney May told KTRH. “Privacy is the top thing today from the customers that come into our store. We get a lot of inquiries from people looking to protect themselves.”

Both Griffin and May say that the catalyst for this is because of the scandal involving whistleblower Edward Snowden.