Don't expect a lot of work to get done during the middle of the day in this country.  Suddenly, the US has discovered what the rest of the world calls football.  Syracuse Pop Culture Professor Robert Thompson says up to 17 million of us will be watching when the U.S. takes on Germany at 11 a.m. CDT.


“This is now another excuse for people to be watching television instead of work,” Thompson says, “and it would be impossible to calculate the amount of work hours that will not be done.”


Modern technology means you can watch the World Cup game surreptitiously, on your tablet or smart phone.


“There are so many different ways to watch television,” he says, “right in the work place, on the same devices that's you're actually doing your work on.”


Seventeen million viewers are impressive numbers, but keep things in perspective -- six times as many Americans watched the game we call football, the Super Bowl, last February.