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Houston Using More Mass Transit

Houston Using More Mass Transit
Posted March 10th, 2014 @ 10:00pm by KTRH’s Nikki Courtney

The winds of change are blowing through mass transit stations.  Not since city-dwellers started fleeing to the suburbs in 1956 has such a large percentage of Americans used public transportation.  In 2013 Americans made 10.7 billion trips on buses, trains and subways.  Those numbers were made public by the American Public Transportation Association on Monday.

Even in Houston the numbers for mass transit usage are going up.

“More people are leaving their cars at home or simply not buying one,”   Margaret O'Brien-Molina, a spokesperson for the Metro Transit Authority tells KTRH News. “Nationally you see a trend towards fewer cars being owned per family, and we’re seeing the same thing here in Houston.

Houston is one of the top 10 cities showing an increase in ridership. New York City with their expansive subway system was first at 3.6%. Seattle, WA and Houston were tied for second at 2.7%.

Houston?!?  Giving up cars and pick-up trucks for mass transit? 

“It’s something that most Houstonians have taken for granted for many, many years -- that they would ever see buses replace cars or even pick-up trucks for that matter on the freeways,” O’Brien-Molina says.


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