A growing number of men are being prescribed testosterone, but new research suggests that may lead to higher risk for heart attacks, strokes and other health issues.

Researchers studied 8,700 veterans with low hormone levels and other health problems.  Houston urologist Mohit Khera questions the study itself, as well as the findings.

“This study is retrospective, it is not prospective,” Dr. Khera tells KTRH News.  “It looked at men at the VA who already had a history of heart disease.”

Dr. Khera says the study goes against everything known about testosterone gels, patches and injections – a $1.6 billion industry which has seen prescriptions increase more than five times in recent years.

“There is not good evidence to support that men receiving testosterone are an increase risk for heart disease,” Khera insists.  “In fact, most of the literature will actually show the opposite.”

“There have been several studies in the past showing those men receiving testosterone have longer survival than those that do not,” he says.  “There have been also many studies showing that men with lower testosterone levels are much more likely to die from a heart attack or stroke compared to those men who have normal testosterone levels.”

Either way, Dr. Khera says its important to discuss all risks and benefits of a drug with your doctor before taking it.