May is 'National Moving Month,' but Houston unfortunately, ranks fourth in the nation when it comes to complaints against movers.

Whitney Brewster at the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles says if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is.

“It will look like a really good deal on the front end,” Brewster tells KTRH News.  “Once the items are loaded onto the truck, those items are held hostage until the owner pays a higher price.”

Brewster says do your homework.

“Be aware of low-priced or generic contact information with no local address,” she says.  “Unmarked trucks is another red flag.”

And be sure to get a full contract in writing.

“There is a brochure they are required if they are a licensed mover to provide to you prior to loading the truck,” says Brewster.

If you do fall victim to a mover scam, the Texas DMV will assist in trying to get your money or belongings back.  For more information, click here.