When potential car thieves drive up and down the streets of Houston, most are looking for Hondas or pickups.  Those are the vehicles stolen most often.

It’s the Texas culture.

“The truck thefts are higher in Texas than they are in other states, but the main reason is Texans love their trucks,” says Officer Jim Woods, “and there are a whole lot more trucks on our roads than there are in other states.

Woods works in the Houston Police Department’s auto theft division.  He says, if you have a garage, park your vehicle inside.  There is no other safe place.

“If they’ve got the ability (and the tools), it doesn’t make any difference where you park it,” he says, “except if it’s parked in your garage.  They it has a much less chance of being stolen.”

On the monthly “Hot Wheels” list, right at the top are Honda Accords and Civics, and Ford pickups, followed closely by Chevrolets.