The University of Houston Downtown may be just weeks away from becoming the first college in Texas to have gender neutral restrooms.

The student government council will consider the proposal for these restrooms today. Student body vice president Kristopher Sharp told KTRH it's something that's needed.

“There were students who would not use restrooms on campus because they didn’t feel safe. They would take the metro rail downtown and use the restrooms in other buildings,” Sharp explained.

Sharp says most of the feedback he's gotten has been positive, but not all of it.

“There are people that have questions. There are people who don’t understand what we’re doing,” Sharp stated. “We’re creating bathrooms that everyone can use, not just one population.”

Sharp says the idea just makes sense when it comes right down to it.

“This is a proposal that I just see as a common sense proposal. It goes in line with the direction the university is going in,” Sharp explained.

John Hudson of UHD told KTRH about what the next step would be if the proposal passes.

“If they pass the resolution, and I expect it to pass it will go to the administration for their consideration,” Hudson said.

Hudson says the first of these gender neutral or single user bathrooms, like family bathrooms at an airport, could open by the end of February.

And Hudson says from the people he’s talked to, the idea has a lot of support.

“I have yet to hear anyone say anything but good things about what’s going on,” Hudson stated.