Houston City Hall says it will "vigorously" defend its position on a lawsuit by a man who says he was almost beaten to death.  It says the allegations in a new lawsuit are false. 

Oil-and-gas leasing executive John Abbott was arrested in November 2012.  He was suffering bleeding on his brain, which made him look drunk.  He says he was beaten so badly his medical bills cost 220 thousand dollars.  He says has recovered for the most part.

“The back brace was real cumbersome -- it was kind of a body brace -- and I don't have to wear that any longer,” Abbott says.  “So, I'm just kinda trying to get back to normal.”

Abbott has filed a lawsuit seeking more information about his attackers and asking to see a video surveillance tape which he says he knows to exist.  He wants the city to pay his medical bills.  All charges against him were dropped.

He says he kept being shuffled from person to person and was never able to find out the facts about his beating.  He finally talked to somebody in Internal Investigations.

“He told me that whoever did this to (me) is being punished for it,” Abbott says, “and that's pretty much all I got out of it.”