Our friends at the Weather Channel have ranked America's most dangerous cities for hurricanes and you're living in the worst one!

Ray Stagich at the Weather Channel says despite the top ranking it probably doesn't scare away people or businesses because we still haven't had a cat 5 make landfall in modern history.

"I don't think it does; I mean you're looking at events that occur every x amount of years and look, we haven't had it happen yet, right?"

Ike was 'only' a cat 2 when it made landfall. Stagich says he thinks what'll scare people off are repeated hurricanes, like they experience in New Orleans.

"I think it's more that if you get hit multiple times, let's say New Orleans back in 2005. Some people left the town because they were forced to and some most likely didn't come back."

New Orleans ranks 4th on the Weather Channel list, after Fort Myers, Tampa and Houston.