The city of Houston is partnering with the National Weather Service to offer free storm-spotter classes to residents.

Michael Walter at the city's Office of Emergency Management says those who sign up will be taught to recognize different types of weather and how to report it.

"You're going to hear how thunderstorms develop, some of the basics of storm structures and what to look for," Walter tells KTRH News.  "Identifying different types and features of severe weather, things like hail size and different types of cloud formation or cloud rotation."

"Once you are a trained storm-spotter, there are variety of ways you can report that information to the National Weather Service," he says. 

"You can do that through email, they're even taking reports through social media like Twitter, you can do that through a HAM radio if you're a licensed operator, and they can than turn around and give us the information we need," says Walter.

Classes will be held next Thursday March 20, and again April 2. 

You can register on the Houston Office of Emergency Management website.