Houston mayor Annise Parker’s office has drafted a new ordinance that would prohibit workplace discrimination and would fine businesses who are violating the said ordinance.  The ordinance would extend to city employment, contracting, housing, public accommodations and private employment at businesses with at least 50 employees.  Churches would be exempt from having to follow the ordinance. 

In a press conference Mayor Annise Parker said "It shouldn't matter in Houston. Your place of origin, your gender, your age, what physical limitations you may have, your race and who you choose to love. Because Houston is such an open and welcoming place and those things shouldn't matter. It's time for an ordinance to that position."

This proposed ordinance would also give Mayor Parker discretion to create an advisory task force to study and report on matters related to the ordinance.

This is just a proposed ordinance by the mayor’s office.   She is expected to submit the draft to city council next week and the council could then vote on whether or not to approve the ordinance on May 7th