If you're running in this weekend's Chevron Houston Marathon, organizers promise you will be treated well.  Counting the 5-K and the charity run, about 30 thousand runners will fill the streets of downtown Houston.

“It's really a VIP experience, from the person to finishes first in our race all the way to the person who finishes 25 thousandth,” says marathon executive director Wade Morehead.  “And, everybody's just as important because they're all running for an important reason.”

Morehead says security will be tighter than it was last year, but it won't impede the fun for the 250 thousand people expected to attend. 

“(They are) Very experienced at working high-profile events, Super Bowls, NBA All-Star games, NCAA Final Fours,” he promises.  “We couldn't be more lucky.”

Downtown streets will be snarled for about six hours, starting Sunday morning.