The four candidates for Texas Lieutenant Governor met the members of the Ronald Reagan Republican Women yesterday.  The midday meeting was held at the Doubletree Hotel.

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples says it’s important now to keep the state’s strong momentum going, but it’s also important to make sure the credit for our economy goes to the right people.

“The reason that Texas is so successful today – and it's not because of anyone in Austin,” he says, “is because of what's represented right here in Harris County and the surrounding counties.  People who are making the free market system work.”

David Dewhurst is the incumbent, saying he's got the track record on the job.

“I've done it,” Dewhurst says. “I've done all the things people are talking about, and I've got a fire in the belly to make sure this state stays number one.”

Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson says he has the experience and the temperament for an important job.

“We have too many politicians that are more concerned about the next election than the next generation,” Patterson explains.  “I'm at the end of my political career and this is way that I want to end it.  I want to lead Texas to redeem the nation and Texas can do that.”

And, State Senator Dan Patrick says this is going to be a huge primary.

“This is the reset button for the Republican Party.  We will have a new governor, a new comptroller, a new attorney general, a new land commissioner, a new ag commissioner, because they are all open seats,” he says, adding, “And, I think we will have a new lieutenant governor - at least that's the hope.”

The Texas Republican primary is set for March 4th.