The National Rifle Association has some ideas on how to keep your kids safe at school, but a group of Houston moms thinks they are out of touch.

The NRA’s National School Shield Task Force concluded that armed personnel should be at every school. Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson said he's not necessarily talking about teachers.

“Teachers should teach but if there is a personnel that has good experience, interest and is willing to go through this training then that is a resource that schools should utilize,” Hutchinson said.

Hutchinson says the idea can only help in the wake of the shootings last December in Newtown, CT.

“We believe a school resource officer added to the staff would make a difference,” Hutchinson said.

But Michelle Green of the Moms Demand Action chapter in Houston told KTRH that the answer isn't more guns at schools.

“We don’t think it’s a very responsible solution and we don’t think it’s going to fix anything,” Green said.

Green told KTRH that her group isn't anti-gun even though they disagree with the NRA.

“We are not opposed to guns. We are very much in support responsible gun ownership. We would like there to be a common sense middle ground and we’d like for the majority of Americans to be heard on this,” Green explained.

Green says there should be more emphasis on better mental health care. KTRH tried to get reaction from Fort Bend, Katy and Klein ISD's on the report. They didn't have any comment.