Plans to make Houston a safer place for bike riders are just fine with at-large City Council member Michael Kubosh.  He just doesn't want to spend a lot of money when funding sources are tight at city hall. 

“I'm for bike trails,” he explains.  “I just don't know if we ought to spend a lot of extra money with our budget as it's crunched right now.”

There are no cost estimates for a new weekend program to block off city streets and give bicycle riders and walkers a place to be physically active. 

The mayor's plan will block off three downtown streets on the first Sunday in April, May and June.  The streets involved are White Oak, Westheimer and Washington/Market Square

Biking supporters are pushing the city of Houston to add more safety features for bikers, like special riding lanes.

“I don't want bikes to impede the traffic in Houston,” Kubosh says.  “We already have a lot of traffic here, but I do agree that we do need some safety lanes.”