Houston firefighters injured in last month’s fatal fire at the Southwest Inn are being told they have to access two benefits programs concurrently while they recover.  That means their help won’t last as long and that’s why their union is speaking out.

Jeff Caynon is president of the Houston Professional Firefighters Association.  He’s looking to see if the union gets any help from City Hall.

“Just a series of complications and difficulties in dealing with the (Annise) Parker administration,” Caynon explains.  “So, for us, this is just one more log in the fire.”

Firefighters are getting a sympathetic ear from City Council member Ed Gonzalez.  He is a former police officer and the current chairman of Houston’s Public Safety Commission.

“They (firefighters) know I’ve always been a willing listener and somebody open to review the facts and just be a good advocate,” Gonzalez says.  “We’re always supportive of our firefighters and the job that they do, so, hopefully this could be resolved in a manner that’s satisfying to all sides.”

Gonzalez says he will do what he can to help, but there is nothing the city council can do.  It’s not a part of the process.