As you get settled into the office after another long drive in to work, you might be thinking that the Houston area has some of the worst drivers in the country. But a new survey shows that’s not the case.

Allstate recently ranked the worst drivers in America. Houston is not in the Top 20.

“That’s crazy. I would have thought Houston would have some of the worst drivers,” one commuter said.

But the numbers bear it out. Houston is 42nd on the list, with drivers getting into accidents every 7.7 years, which doesn’t shock this commuter

“I’ve seen people that drive slow in the fast lane and fast in the slow lane,” one woman told us. “They speed through school zones. They don’t know how to merge. It’s very frustrating. And I’m not even a heavy commuter.”

But one driver we spoke to says there are worse cities to drive in, believe it or not.

“I used to be stationed in El Paso. The concept of driving is new to them,” he said, adding he stays off highways completely these days and takes back roads to get where he needs to go.

Who are the worst drivers in the country according to this survey? Allstate says they are Washington, DC, Boston and Worcester, Massachusetts. Houston performs better on this list than Austin, Dallas and Arlington