The Galleria becomes ground zero for protesters, following President Obama’s announcement he will seek Congressional approval for military action in Syria.


Navy destroyers armed with Tomahawk missiles are already deployed in the eastern Mediterranean, prepared to strike.  White House leaders say there is “undeniable” evidence the regime of President Bashar Assad used chemical weapons against its own citizens, killing more than a thousand people.


Congress will begin its debate when lawmakers return from their Labor Day recess September 9.



Demonstrator Fjir Sardinii was part of a group gathered at Westheimer and Post Oak opposing US involvement.  He tells our TV partner Local-2:


"We don't need to be worried about people in the Middle East. We don't need to be worried about people anywhere else. We're not an empire… Let's worry about solving our problems here...  It's a messy situation. Leave our soldiers out of there.”


President Obama said during his speech that a US response would not involve ‘boots on the ground.’


Just across the street, demonstrators were calling for decisive action against the Syrian government, saying diplomatic and political efforts have been exhausted.


(photo courtesy KPRC Local 2)