You know the City Of Houston’s crime lab has had a long history of problems. The city has spent a lot of money to resolve those issues. That’s been well documented. But despite all the money that’s been spent, the problems haven’t gone away.

There is an internal investigation going on after a crime lab employee quit last month. That employee apparently did not follow procedures. City councilman Michael Kubosh told KTRH he simply can't believe it.

“After all the city has been through to make sure the crime lab is above reproach, I am outraged,” Kubosh said.

And Kubosh says this is going to be a big headache for the city.

“I don’t know the total impact. But defense attorneys must be made aware of anything that will affect the case as far as any evidence presented by a crime lab,” Kubosh explained.

The Harris County District Attorney's office is involved in this investigation, too. KTRH legal analyst Chris Tritico says this is going to be a big problem for everyone.

“Whatever work this employee did will have to be reviewed to see if it was scientifically valid,” Tritico told KTRH.

And if any of that work sent a person to jail when he or she was innocent of committing any crime, Tritico says the city will have to pay.

“That could be a very large judgment against the city of Houston; upwards of a four or five million dollar judgment,” Tritico stated.